“Imagination is a tortuous path of possibilities where at the end the possible becomes reality”

Curriculum Vitae: Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel

Born 06.05.1946 in Straubing / Bavaria, Germany
Independent businessman;
management of food wholesale company founded in 1905
From 1971
Development of a food supermarket chain
Since 1978
Development of real estate group for commercial real estate
in Germany and abroad: STOFFEL Holding GmbH
From 1993
Associate of Ski Völkl International
Move and company relocation to Berlin
Building of Europäisches Haus at the Pariser Platz, Berlin
Marriage to Giovanna Stefanel
STOFANEL Investment AG established
- 50% Stoffel Holding GmbH – 50% Giovanna Stefanel-Stoffel
- Development of high quality residential and
   commercial real estate
- Current investment volume in Berlin: ca. EUR 250 million
- Development of international resorts f. ex. in Venice
Chairman of Supervisory Board of STOFANEL Investment AG

Further essentials

Daughter Veronika Stoffel born
3. place in the Powder Skiing World Championships
Since 1992
Board of Directors, Sparkasse Niederbayern Mitte
Since 1992
Honorary President TSV 1861 Straubing e.V.
Holder of citizen’s medal for special services
for the city of Wilhelmshaven
Established Stoffel Family Foundation
- Charitable association for social awareness and culture
Since 2002
Principal shareholder Straubing Tigers AG;
Premier League DEL Ice Hockey
Since 2005
Ambassador of Lower Bavaria
Since 2011
Member of the Rotary-Club Berlin
Since 2012
Sponsor of Stiftung Zukunft Berlin
Various supervisory board mandates

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Interview with Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel

What was the motivation to create Stofanel?

Stofanel was created because we wanted to do something special, something unique. The real estate business is something that like everything is always growing, always changing, so without new ideas there is no development. As in every area, you have to improve.

Also, I wanted to have my wife talking to me about interesting things. Like a farmer talking to his wife: are we harvesting today or tomorrow? What’s the weather like? What’s the price for potatoes next year? Are we breeding sheep or horses?

Two people came together and this is fortunate, because these two people want to create something special. I couldn’t create Stofanel without Giovanna: I think a family should work together - it keeps it interesting.

What is German reliability?

The Germans are famous for being on time, being reliable. But what are the Germans missing? An easy-going lifestyle. Why do the Germans go to Italy, wear Italian clothes, drink Italian wine? Because they’re not sure of their taste. The Germans usually don’t know what is really trendy, what is fashionable. The Italians are so sure: from clothes to glasses, from decoration to cars. They made Ferrari - however, a Mercedes is also nice because you have no problems with it.

If you buy from a reliable, German real estate company that has experience, that has a name, that has tradition, you can be sure that you have something with quality. That everything is delivered on time. We are a company with 100 years tradition. Three generations of experience in the German way of doing business.

When you buy a house you want it to last for hundreds of years, for eternity, to have it for the children, the grandchildren. This is the basic idea: safety, security. But when you look into most apartment buildings – what do you see? Ugly things without any feeling: a house, stones. Combine this practicality with Italian atmosphere, lifestyle, the details, the loving details… We want to create something that gives you all the quality you can dream of. We will create the difference - something that we can be proud of, and something that the people who buy can be proud of. Whatever we do, we’ll only do it if the location is unique, if the architecture is special, with the best architects for every project. We care for our buyers – we give them quality: quality of building and quality of life.