A harmonious coexistence of nature and architecture.

STOFANEL Investment AG designs and develops exceptional properties worldwide. Whether for private or commercial use, each building is created with the well-being and the personal, professional and communal needs of all its occupants as we’ll as environmental and social sustainability in mind.


For a better quality of live.

STOFANEL combines unique architecture with high quality interiors, creative design and a fine eye for detail. The company’s aim is to create a secure and warm home with everything needed for a healthy and fulfilled life as STOFANEL believes in the harmonious co-existence of nature, architecture, society, and the individual.


Fusing Italian creativity with German quality and reliability.

German quality and reliability, on the one hand, and Italian creativity and lifestyle, on the other, form the cornerstone of a new business – STOFANEL Investment AG. Both pioneers, Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel and Giovanna Stefanel, combine the strengths of their cultural heritage with their professional expertise to form a foundation of reliability, creativity and passion for everything they do.