Urban living

Creating new living spaces.

STOFANEL creates living for an every day holiday feeling in the middle of urban spots. With a believe in the principles of ecological and cultural sustainability and the realization of a fulfilling and environmentally friendly lifestyle in mind, all of STOFANEL projects connect to the idea of creating a cross-point between the tranquility and beauty of the countryside and the hustle of metropolitan areas.


Relaxation gained
from nature.

The company’s developments are harmonious concepts based on carefully selected materials. STOFANEL’s philosophy is to integrate the essential elements of water, nature, light and air, into our architectural designs to create an atmosphere of unison.

Quality work

Convincing diligence.

In each stage of construction, we place special emphasis on a high level of quality that underlines the distinctive character and timeless style of each property. The interplay of profesional craftspeople and high quality materials creates a unique architecture in harmony with nature.