Stofanel Real Estate


Romeo & Giulia – Urban Home


Two buildings,
one soul.

Romeo is bold and heroic, Giulia is seductive and warm. The architectural concept of STOFANEL Urban Homes in the Ahornallee in Berlin-Westend presents the romantic and dramatic story of the Italian couple and allows architecture to become part of the literary legacy.

In terms of their materiality and outward appearance, the two buildings also share a complementary: “Giulia” with it’s light wooden facade and “Romeo” with it’s exposed concrete.

Living unfolded.

ROMEO & GIULIA Urban Home means openness and freedom. Panoramic windows and large loggias allow a dialogue between the exterior and the interior.

Room-high intermediate doors allow flexible use. Living and dining areas can be opened or demarcated to the private areas of the apartment. Movable elements along the outer wall also open up a free, wide view and allow a feeling of space of infinity.